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Making Your Home in a New City

If you have never made a big move before, you may underestimate the challenges that you will face as you transition across the state or across the country. Local moves present their own challenges but there are many parts that don’t change like jobs, friends and your local favorites. When you move a larger distance and everything changes, you may feel like you are completely starting over and in many ways you are.  

Because many moves start with a change in your jobs, that can be a really good way to help acclimate you to the area. If you are transferring to a new location with the same company, you may already have visited this area many times and be familiar with it or at least have connections within the company that can be great resources as you learn your new city. If you are starting with a new company, because we spend so much time at work, some of your coworkers will likely become your friends very quickly and be able to share their insight on the area with you.  

Even if you are starting fresh in a new city with no connections, there are ways you can easily acclimate yourself to the city. The Internet will likely play a huge part in you becoming comfortable in your new home and is the perfect place to start. Research restaurants, doctors, grocery stores, housing, shopping, churches and anything else that is essential for your lifestyle.  

If you are buying or renting a home in your new locale, the real estate agent you work with will be a great resource to help you acclimate yourself to the area. Not only do they know the area because they live there themselves, they also have helped many other people get to know the area throughout their career and can pass that knowledge along to you.  

Once you have done your initial research and established the basics like a job and place to live, start to experiment with the items you researched. You will need basics like groceries and places to eat right away. As you become familiar with these areas then branch out to other things you need to find such as a new church or the library. Some places are easier to meet people like church or a coffee shop where as you may not make many friends at the grocery store since you don’t often talk to many people there because you are shopping. If you move to an area where you will have to rely on public transportation, this is a great way to meet people as you will develop patterns of places you go and the times you go and will likely encounter the same people on many trips.  

Another great way to meet people is through one of your hobbies. If you are a runner, join a local running club or find a book club or play group for your kids. All of your regular activities are the best places to meet people as you will have common interests built right in.  

Remember that it will take effort and like most things the larger the investment you make, the greater your return will be. Before you know it, your new city will feel just like home and hopefully it will be for many years to come. 

Contact me today for a consultation. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about buying or selling a home.

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Five Reasons Your Home Hasn't Sold Yet

The current housing market is strong with available inventory at historically low levels yet your home has been on the market for months and you haven’t had a single offer. If your home hasn’t sold in the current market, there could be many reasons why. Here are five of the most likely reasons. Read this then decide if there is something you can change to get your home sold.  


This is the most common reason a home doesn’t sell. If your home is priced appropriately for the market, condition and location, it will sell. If it is not, then you need to get more realistic. Your home should be priced according to the most recent comparable sales. If your neighbor sold for $350,000 a few months ago but had an updated kitchen and new carpet and you haven’t updated anything in the last 10 years, that isn’t a comparable sale. Your home should compare to those similar in location, size,  features and condition.  


Homes are expensive and the largest purchase most people will ever make. Therefore, they want to make smart investments with their money. If your home doesn’t look appealing when they walk in the door, they won’t look past the clutter and dirty dishes to determine if it is the right home for them. Make your home inviting so that they can imagine themselves living in it. Five quick things to change to make your home look its best are a deep cleaning, decluttering, adding fresh flowers or plants on the porch, a new doormat and new towels in the baths.  

Poor Photographs 

More than 90% of homebuyers begin their home search on the Internet now. If the photos of your home don’t show it in the best light, no one will ever come to view it. The goal of your pictures is to make them want to see it in person and if they don’t, you need to make adjustments and take new photos. Your pictures will show up on websites across the world and they must make your home look model perfect.  

Turning Down Showings 

Unless you are too sick to leave home or in the middle of major party, say yes to all showings! You can’t sell your house if buyers can’t look at it and you never know which buyer is THE buyer. Showing your home is a pain but allow them to come as much as you possibly can and your chances to sell will be greater.  


Location is the one thing in a home you can’t change. If your location has challenges, you will have to overcome them in other ways most often through price. When there is something you can’t change, everything else is even more important. It was the right home for you despite the location and it will be for someone else but you will want to ensure everything else is perfect in an effort to overcome the obstacle of the location.  

Every home sale will encounter challenges but we can work together to figure out how to overcome them. Contact me today for a consultation. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you determine the value of your home 

Contact me today for a consultation. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and/or help you determine the value of your home

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Informed Delivery for your USPS Mail

Do you ever need to know when something specific has arrived in your mail? The United States Postal Service has created a new service to help you know exactly what is arriving in your mailbox and when by providing you daily scanned images of your incoming mail.  

Start by visiting the Informed Delivery® website to confirm the service is available in your area then create an account and verify your identity. Once you have signed yourself up you will receive daily emails or text notifications, or you may login to your USPS dashboard to view the images of your incoming mail. Images are only provided for letter-sized mail items that are processed through the automated mail equipment, so you likely won’t know everything that is coming but you will receive previews of many items.  

It is also possible to get information regarding packages that are on their way to you. Package information is not provided as scanned images but as key package details including a tracking number, shipper’s name and estimated arrival date.  

Receiving this image in advance also enables you to update delivery instructions or reschedule delivery if you would like to. If you expect to receive a package and you will not be there at the anticipated delivery time, you may adjust the delivery instructions. Likewise, if you miss delivery of a package, you may reschedule delivery, so you can make arrangements to be there.  

This service won’t show you everything that will be waiting in your mailbox because of processing limitations but will likely provide you a good idea of what to expect and help you make arrangements if needed when you can’t be there. Because this is a very new service, there are likely to be many questions and the USPS has answered many questions here

If you travel frequently, this will be a great way to keep up with your mail when you are away without having to rely on a neighbor or friend to give you updates. If you sign up for the service today, you should start receiving notifications within a few days. What do you think of this new service? Do you plan to try it? 

Contact me today for a consultation. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and/or help you determine the value of your home.  

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Client Testimonials

Integrity First

We would like to thank you for contacting us about selling our lot. After talking with you on the phone when you made the two offers to us, my husband and I agreed that we felt the business that you represented was reputable and trustworthy. We had been contacted by other individuals previously but did not feel confident in pursuing with their offers. We appreciate your promptness and efficiency in completing this transaction for us.
Irene Buhr, Thomasboro, IL

Knowledgeable and Professional


We would like to thank one of your agents Maureen Cool, for the knowledgeable and professional way she represents you and her clients. Maureen is a definite asset to your office and she displays a unique energy in the handling of real estate. Maureen always kept us informed on the purchase of our property in Sebring, FL. Our closing went very smoothly and there were no surprises at the closing. Again, thank you for your assistance.”


Jerry and Patricia Sinkler, Sebring, FL

Listened to Our Concerns

I loved that fact that you returned my calls promptly, you always let me know when you would be unavailable. You were not pushy or too aggressive. We always felt you had our best interests at heart. You listened and you did a great job!”

 Kathryn Gavin, Searing, FL

Richard & Elizabeth Wilson, Grove City, OH



For the uninformed, blogging is hitting the Internet today and making a real impact!

What is a blog? An easy explanation of this is a WEB LOG or a journal on the web. It’s a place where folks can “voice” their thoughts, share ideas, or comment on those of others. 

Highlands County Florida now has such a blog where new items of interest will be posted and comments can be made. Topics range from those related to real estate and community highlights to local events of interest or anything personal or business related that might be perceived as worthwhile information for public knowledge, discussion and/or use. 

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