You may think of your roof as just a small part of your home but it is probably the most important part of your structure as it protects all of the other parts and makes it possible for everything else to work together creating a home for you. If taking good care of your home is important to you, start with your roof and give it the attention it deserves. Without proper maintenance, your roof may start to deteriorate causing damage to the rest of your home that can be very expensive and difficult to repair. Consider taking care of your roof like taking care of your health. Letting one thing go can cause other things to fail as well making it that much harder and costly to repair things down the road.

Like many things in life, the key to not letting roof damage get out of control is taking proper precautions. Check your roof annually for damage and handle anything you need to repair. Replacing one shingle is much easier (and cheaper) than replacing your roof so regular inspections will allow you to handle small issues before they become big. After any major storms, perform a thorough inspection of your roof and make any necessary repairs as quickly as possible. All it takes is a small leak in the roof to damage drywall, rot wood, ruin belongings and promote the growth of mold. Spending money on replacing a roof is often cheaper than spending money on replacing your stuff. Think of replacing your roof like making an investment in your home. It adds longevity, curb appeal and value to your property. These are all important factors in real estate.

How do you know what to look for in a roof and when you need to call a professional?

Shingles…Missing, cracked and curled shingles are often the first sign that your roof may need some repairs. It’s also a sign that your roof is starting to break down. When tar strips and glue for your shingles starts to wear out, shingles will start to break off and fall away from the house. If you look at your roof and you’re missing a single shingle, it may simply be a missing shingle; or it may be the start of a bigger problem. Call a professional for their opinion.

Check your gutters….Cleaning your gutters regularly is something you should do as a responsible homeowner. When you clean your gutters, make sure to look for shingle granules from your roof. If you are seeing large amounts of granules in your gutters every time you empty them, it is a sign that your roof is nearing the end of its life expectancy. Have a roofer take a look at it to see how widespread the issue is and if it is time for you to start planning for a new roof.  

What color was your roof? Discolored shingles aren’t just an eyesore, they’re also an indication that the granules protecting the asphalt in the shingles have started to break down from the sun. Though it is a natural process over the life of the shingle, it also means that the asphalt on the shingle is unprotected and more prone to wear down faster due to weather effects.

As your roof ages, taking care of it will help it last longer but don’t neglect the necessary repairs. Even expensive repairs can be less costly than repairing major damage caused by a roof leak. If you don’t have a roofing professional you are comfortable with, call me. I can always recommend my trusted roofing expert to you.